Biting through the cage

My dog Lucky is a bit neurotic.  She just is.  So when I came home today to find she had chewed through half her metal crate – literally lifted the bar off at one point, I wasn’t all that surprised.

Lucky (the black one) and Allie, playing together.

It got me to thinking though.  No one, or thing – really likes to be caged.  The “girls” get plenty of time to roam free when we are home, and when we are not, but we have to make the best decision for them each time. 

What struck me thought tonight, when I saw a piece of the metal crate literally bent off, is exactly how much she doesn’t like the crate, and how much she wants out.

We feel like that sometimes here – about PTEN, and Cowden’s Syndrome.  We feel like we are stuck, in a locked crate.  We want to run free, but the daunting tasks that lie ahead make it seem like an “Escape from Alcatraz” might be necessary.

Meghan’s fevers this weekend scared me.  I know her immune system deficiency may stand alone from Cowden’s, but that doesn’t make it any easier to process.  And, I swear if they were not related before, they feed off each other now.

The fever was gone Sunday night.  It made another showing of about 102 and then that was it.  She stayed home Monday with our friend Patty, and was treated like the princess she is.  By the time I came home Monday she looked so much more like herself.

We went to the pediatrician Monday night.  He wants me to contact her oncologist and get a referral to a neurologist to address the intermittent headaches she has been having.  Her oncologist who Emails quickly, got a set of all the recent labs and the recent brain MRI.  She is going to get back to me.  I have no idea where we will fit one more doctor in – but we will figure it out.

So this morning, we woke up feeling ready to go.  She responds so well to antibiotics, that we were seriously on the mend.

After she brushed her teeth she complained her gums were bothering her.  I didn’t see much. 

Tonight she said it was much worse.  There is a growth on her tongue.  Right on the edge.  It grew today.  During the day.  No idea why.  No clue what to do about it.  I don’t know but it reeks of Cowden’s and its NASTY overgrowth – of everything.

I guess I will deal with it tomorrow, right after I call on the throat culture and find out if we need to see the ENT.

Someone told me today I looked tired.  Not me.

If you need me, I will be biting my way through the crate, getting rid of one bar at a time.  Maybe Lucky las the right idea.