Laugh Out Loud


We use the phrase all the time.  Anyone who texts or uses any social media understands LOL.  But, today I got a more clear explanation of why it’s essential.

At Voice Therapy this morning we talked about “habits,” things I may be doing without realizing it to strain my voice.

I was told that both laughing and crying can be damaging.

Crap. I’m screwed.  Laughing and crying are things I do- often.

But, she explained.  Laughing, or rather “fake laughing”  when you hold it in your throat is stressful and damaging.  When you laugh, you should laugh full and from your belly.  You should, for lack of a better phrase, “Laugh Out Loud.”

Well, ok.  This I can do.  My husband cracks me up.  I mean most of the laughing I do in my world originates from him.  And it’s the kind of laughing that’s so loud and clear that I often find myself praying there is no belt on my jeans.  This laughing is just fine.


The laughing that is no good, is the fake laughing.  Go ahead, try it.  When you want to make believe you think something is funny and what comes out is a huge fake smile and a small throaty chuckle.  This is no good.  And you know what?  I’m ok with that.  Laughs, like anything else should be real.  If I must be social, a smile will do.

I was also cautioned that crying can be damaging.  This one worried me.  I am not a depressed soul, but the way I stay sane is to live my emotions.  I cry- when I am thrilled, nervous, sad, worried, happy, and other times too.  This I could not give up.  But I breathed easier when she explained.  The crying we hold in, is the damaging kind.  It ends up getting stuck in your throat and causing all sorts of problems.  However, if you cry, and let it all out – it’s just fine.  Makes sense really.


Live – out loud.  Laugh out loud.  Cry out loud.  Don’t hold it in.  I’m quite sure to do so damages more than your vocal cords.

Getting up early on Saturday bothers me a lot less.  I like her.  She makes sense.  Good voice and life advice over a cup of tea.

And every day she makes


a little easier.


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