I’ve never posted from my phone before…

This week we are in Disney World. It’s our 10th summer vacationing here, and we’re not tired of it yet.  Most importantly – neither is Meghan.

Disney has magic. There is laughter and singing and smiles. There are rides and shows. There is a lot of what this overtaxed family needs way more than one week a year, but we count our blessings and take what we can get.

Disney is also not without its reality checks. Seven knee surgeries have not been gentle. The orthodopedist at this point disallows walking distances greater than .5 mikes at a time. This is the week my girl spends becoming one with some of her greatest fears. For most of this week she is wheelchair bound.

She also brings her allergies, even to Disney. Which means- when I can I sneak out early to try and order her breakfast before everyone else arrives. If I get there 15 minutes early, usually she can eat with us. She brings allergies, that are always on her mind as she walks past kids with drippy ice cream treats, as I sheepishly hand her things I packed. This is the week where everyone else’s desert looks delectable and hers is sometimes packaged cookies.

She brings her determination, and her inner strength, as she worked the lap pool before 8 this morning. She wheels herself when she can, determined to prepare for swim season.

This is a week of contrast. Of hiding on benches and taking calls from doctors for things that won’t wait.  It’s also a week of sitting on that same bench hours later watching the most awesome fireworks show.

Contrast. Life is about contrast. 

I’m going to go have a drink while we watch the funniest entertainer. 

Tonight she’ll stretch her legs and walk. Short distance. Tomorrow. There will be more time in that chair.

Laughing. No matter where you are, life has to have a lot of laughing.

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