Stay tuned…

I learned a few things as I set up my classroom this week.  Many of them I will not say here, because Mom always says, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”  Well at least that’s what she used to say when we were young…  but I digress.

I have been without my own classroom for a few years now.  I have been a traveling math cluster, and then last year shared a room with a colleague.  This year I was given my own 3rd floor room. It is harder to have a room, but change is good – so I was ready and excited to try it out.  And grateful for the opportunity. 

See last spring my colleague and I were told we were to share the 3rd floor room.  So, in the heat of June we brought everything we could (using LOTS of kids to help) up to that room.  The rest of my personal belongings (from the first 10 years in the classroom) were stored in a nearby storage closet.

Sometime over the summer I got an Email that the schedule had changed.  The third floor room would be mine alone, and the 1st floor room would belong to my colleague.  So I set about the business of buying all the things you need for a room.

I brought my things in on August 22nd, but I couldn’t stay to set up.  Meghan had an appointment.  As a matter of fact I couldn’t come in the next day either because of two of my appointments -so I first got in to get settled yesterday.

Much to my surprise, the storage closet where all my personal things were had a new lock.  I didn’t have a key so I took that as my clue to vacate. 

Now, prior to the Mastectomy, I was pretty strong.  I helped my husband renovate the house.  I know how to move heavy things.  Prior to the hysterectomy and the mastectomy – just a few short months apart, and just 6 months ago… I felt like this.

Now, after moving boxes for 3 hours yesterday. up and down the stairs, even with the help of a few well intentioned friends, I feel more like this.

I am sore in places I had no idea it was OK to be sore.  This was either an eye opener to my age, my body’s fatigue, or the fact that it is time for some serious exercise.

But, after 2 days my classroom went from this:

To a lot closer to this:

Which is a good thing, because I just don’t do clutter well at all.

So when I left a little more relaxed it was time to get a confusing phone call from the doctor.

Meghan’s blood panel appears normal, but I have to compare the thyroid numbers off the last one when I see it.  That was OK, and then he said the MRI had an “ODD” finding – shocker!

The “anterior pituitary tissue is seen though it is diminutive in size for age.”

Still actively trying to figure out what that means, especially because we were scanning for a pituitary tumor to try to find the cause of the early puberty. Now, clearly the pituitary is TOO SMALL?  Really?  I just can’t figure this out.

Grateful there is no tumor, I asked the doctor if it was insignificant.  To which he replied, “Everything means something.  I have never seen this before but I will be asking a lot of questions.”

So, fourth grade for my big girl tomorrow.  One day at a time, this is all we can do…

2 thoughts on “Stay tuned…

  1. Good luck on the thyroid stuff. That is how my CS stuff began so I’ve been around many blocks with thyroid stuff, panels, results, etc. I’d be really interested to hear what her doctor wants her target TSH to be, among her other numbers.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

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