Comfortably numb

I walked into a meeting this afternoon at the tail end of the work day.  I brought the key to my room, and my phone in my hands.  I sat and listened to the presenter, and as I got up to leave I gathered my things and realized my key was missing.  Lately I have been losing everything.  Maybe its stress, maybe estrogen loss, maybe I am just getting old.  Who knows?

I looked everywhere.  This year we were each given one classroom key, which also unlocks the bathrooms.  It is a really important key, and I have been so careful.  I even make sure I have pants with pockets every day so I can keep track of it.

I dumped the bag one last time, checked my pockets and checked my coat.  No key.  Realizing I was running late for Meghan‘s swim class, I resigned myself that I would have to look for it tomorrow.

Walking down the stairs something gold caught my eye.  I looked down and there in the breast pocket of my shirt was my key.  I only knew it was there because I saw it.  That was when I was struck with laughter and remembered that

I always keep my key in my PANTS pocket, because I can feel it against my leg.  No idea how or why I put it in my shirt pocket, but I won’t be quick to do that again.

They may be firm.  They may not sag.  But they certainly lack the feeling of being real.

Nothing like being able to laugh at yourself when the day is a bit rocky.

It’s been over 6 months, and I guess I am used to the new girls – because most days I don’t pay them any mind.

On the way out of the building my Assistant Principal asked me if I had found my key.  I told him I had, but when he asked where it was I spared him the details.  “TMI,” I said.

I went to pick up Meghan humming “Comfortably Numb,” the whole way.   Probably not exactly what Pink Floyd had in mind, but hey – it works for me!

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