Prayer Circle

There are a lot of people who pray for Meghan.  And we are grateful for every single one of them.  But, there are a special group of ladies…

Well, between them they have 9 children – 3 each.  They all have incredibly busy lives, and all of our lives connected some years ago.  We don’t see each other all that often, and rarely in the same place, but they are my prayer group of sorts.  Our children are connected, in a bunch of different ways.  Our lives are intertwined, and we have vowed to support each other.

We all seem to share the belief that –


And, with that belief comes responsibility.

So, they were among the first people I shared my blog with in its infancy last year.  They are the ones I turn to and say… lift this up…  PLEASE, and without fail it is done.  And they do the same for me.  We all pray fervently for each other.  For friends, and family.  For people we know well, and for people we haven’t met, and for people we may never meet.

We pray because we believe it works.

We pray because we have seen it work.

Last spring when my sister’s dear niece was knocking on death’s door – felled by a virus of unimaginable strength, we (along with countless others) prayed.  And we witnessed nothing short of a miracle.

The day of my mastectomy, wracked with fear – terror actually – my cell phone rang as I was checking into the hospital.  My brother-in-law, a Lutheran minister was on the phone at 6AM, ready to pray with me.  As the tears rushed down my face I felt the calm envelop me.

Prayer is powerful.

But, it doesn’t always take worry away.

sleeplessSo tonight, as I struggle to sleep, I will think of them with gratitude.  I will also think of the countless others – those we know and those we don’t, who are lifting my little girl up in prayer.

Tomorrow we go for the biopsy.  Then we wait.  I am not sure which part we will need your prayers for most.  But, please – whatever you believe, remember us this week…

life doesnt get easier you get stronger

14 thoughts on “Prayer Circle

  1. We’ll pray Lori! Would you like us to add Meghan to our prayer list here at St. John? We have some great prayer warriors here too!

  2. I hold you, your husband and Meghan in my heart. My prayers are with you always, but I will pray just a little harder, and send more love your way.

  3. Meghan is such a strong little girl (just like her mom) and I know she will be just fine. Praying that all goes well.

  4. Prayers are with all of you. We hope it will go very quickly for her. Kim Marie had a little something for you last Friday to help you through this. No worries though, she’ll give it to you when you’re back. Know we’re keeping you at the top of our prayer list. God bless you all, Jill

  5. God bless Meghan, her doctors and her parents. May God protect her, may He guide the hands and eyes of her doctors, and may He comfort her parents always but especially at this diffcult time. You will be in our prayers.

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