I headed home at lunch with the need to send out this message of thanks, to those of you who thought about us, prayed for us, and kept us close to your hearts.

I spoke to the nurse this morning.  She said the pathology was BENIGN!  I don’t think I heard much else she said, as the tears just started flowing.

We are not, nor will we ever be “out of the woods.’  They will scan her thyroid every six months indefinitely.  But I am learning with Cowden’s Syndrome to accept the “6 month leash” as a win.

Right now she does NOT have thyroid cancer.

Right now she does NOT need the thyroid removed.

Although the MOM in me in some ways wants it gone BEFORE they ever tell me its malignant, I do understand the doctors reasons for waiting.

So, with a renewed appreciation for the power of prayer, and a belief that we have MANY guardian angels watching over us… I say THANK YOU ALL.