Reblogged, and worth the read

Sometimes you read a story that just needs to be retold.

This link will take you to the world of a young lady I “met” through my blog and have come to respect.

She does not share my same genetic mutation, hers is the BRA-CA gene, and mine is PTEN. But the breast cancer risks are ridiculous for both, and she bravely as a young twenty something, underwent a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.

In a rare request, she is asking for help, and I certainly feel compelled to share her reasonable request.

It is through social media that I have come to find others “like us,” to share mine and Meghan‘s story of our Cowden’s Syndrome battle. Without that outlet, I would feel incredibly lonely.

Please take a moment to read Rachel’s story, and another to respond to her request.

This world of genetic predisposition is terrifying, and should not be traveled alone.


Ticking Time Bombs

My mom is a member of the Los Angeles Pink Dragons, a dragon boat racing team of breast cancer survivors. She has been paddling with the Pinks for about a year now. Last night, one of her teammates passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. Frances was my mom’s benchmate on the boat. On the Pink Dragons’ Facebook page, Mom writes: “Frances, your courage and determination was an inspiration to all of us. Your teammates will miss you so. Rest in peace, dear friend.

Then scrolling down through my Facebook newsfeed, I was accosted by another heartwrenching message, this one from Bright Pink founder Lindsay Avner: “My heart breaks upon learning of the loss of Rebecca, a member of the Bright Pink Vermont family, who lost her battle to breast cancer at only 29 years old.”

29 years old.

Frances and Rebecca’s deaths are…

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