SHE Who Never Gives Up!

There is a card on my desk from a dear old friend.

It says, “She Who Never Gives Up”

I was quite flattered to receive it, as I did, and still do – perceive it as quite the compliment.

However there are some definite dangers to being, “She Who Never Gives Up.”

SHE feels the STRESS of life very deeply, and STRESS doesn’t go well with chronic illness.


SHE fights for what is right – in a world that doesn’t always give a crap.

SHE persists until people pay attention, even when they don’t want to.

SHE advocates without ceasing for the needs of her child.

SHE finds it unacceptable when her child is placed in stressful situations unnecessarily.


SHE plays a doctor, a lawyer, a researcher, and a teacher – all in real life.

When people don’t do the right thing, SHE reminds them.

SHE doesn’t quit- ever.

Some people find that SHE is annoying – a real pest.

Some people wish SHE would just go away.

Some people would like it if SHE expected a little less from them.

Most people wish SHE didn’t expect them to do their job, and do it well.

SHE is not perfect, and never claimed to be.

SHE makes the best decisions she can- with what SHE has, where SHE is.

SHE tries to eliminate the stressors in her life, and simplify – although they keep cropping up.

stress 3 stop

SHE will continue to battle with all of her might – despite bone crushing fatigue  and sometimes against all odds – until her little girl can lose some of her unnecessary stressors.

Cowden’s Syndrome, and all its battles bring enough – the rest of the STRESSFUL situations are officially uninvited into our lives.

stress4 smile

SHE will rest when her little girl finds both her inner AND outer smile.

“She Who Never Gives Up.”

Thanks my friend, for the vote of confidence.  You will never know how much it has meant.

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