Manatees, cell phones, and hidden blessings

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There was a moment yesterday when I thought seriously about dropping my cell phone into the tank with the Manatees and walking away. It had rung twice in the last 30 minutes. The  first brought news that my husband (yes, the not PTEN affected one) needed to go back in for further testing of some skin issues. The second call was to put the car claim on hold.  They won’t arbitrate until the field tech services the car.  I do hope he brings his magic wand. This was supposed to be vacation. And a respite from the cares and worries I had left miles behind. My mother graciously agreed- again, to live at my house and care for my dogs, even though she is in dire need of a rest herself. As I felt my blood pressure escalate, I held on to my phone. I thought slowly and deeply. I turned the phone off and tossed it in my bag. We had waited too long for this… This morning I woke up early all by myself. I rode to the Magic Kingdom alone. I spdone some time readjusting my head. I rode Space Mountain alone. Haven’t been near that ride since 2000. But heck, if I can Beat Cowdens- I can do anything. So I did. And the day continued just fine as we prepared for the anxiously anticipated archery lesson. There were times when things really stunk over the last few weeks, we would talk about this archery lesson. And then, as it will often do in Florida in August- it rained. It was one of those bone soaking thunder and lightning storms that come out of nowhere at exactly the wrong time.   And just like that archery was cancelled. Quite aware that I am supposed to be the grown up in such things- I did the mature thing. I cried. Tears if frustration for weather out of our control. For circumstances that couldn’t be changes, and for yet another disappointment  for a child who has had way more than her fair share. But, as God so frequentdie does, He heard my desperation. Something that could seem so silly if you didn’t know the back story- yet another blow to our shaken cores. And then. The supervisor, and one if the instructors, pulled us into a back room and for 30 minutes gave Meghsn a 1:1 lesson of the basics of archery. She held the bow- just never shot it. And, maybe with that soft tissue tumor it was for the best. Grateful we headed back to meet my very dear childhood friend and her family for dinner. The conversation was light. Relaxed and fun. The kids were excellent, and we ended the night at the Main Street Electrical parade. Blessings abundant. Maybe we will appreciate them even more because we have to look extra to find them. Yet- they are always there. I decided to keep my cell phone. But now I turn it off for large parts of the day. I figure the manatees wouldn’t like Candy Crush anyway.

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