Sometimes When You Lose You Win

While we are on vacation- my friend started her own blog. She’s not a Cowden’s survivor, but a survivor of LIFE, and its many twists and turns. I have a good feeling this will be worth your time!

When You Lose You Win

Sometimes when you lose you win.   ~ What Dreams May Come

I have always wanted to write a blog.  I think about doing it all the time.  I’ve been struggling to find the perfect subject.   The conversation (with myself) goes something like this:

Maybe I’ll blog about teaching.  No.  Maybe infant loss?  No.  Hmm… Ok maybe motherhood?  Nope.  Health and wellness??  Maybe…


I struggle with this all the time.  But that isn’t what stops me from writing.  It’s that familiar voice inside my head that says the words that I don’t want to hear:

No one cares what you have to say… about ANYTHING!


So I do what most of us do.  I listen.  I put the idea of blogging out of my head and move on to something safe.  Something in my comfort zone.  Something that doesn’t involve risk.  Until this week.  This week something shifted inside…

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May All of this Princess’s Wishes Come True


As I rest my head tonight I hear the slow restful breathing of my husband and my beautiful 10 year old.  Today we swam. Today we had her hair done at the boutique. Today we wore fancy dresses. Today we laughed and hugged and lived. Today was not about challenges that lie imminent. Today was about laughing. Today was about magic. Today was about Meghan. So when the woman waved her “pixie dust” I will confess to fighting back tears. “Bippidi Boppidi Boo! May all of this princess’s wishes come true!”  Something so silly – yet with ridiculous deep meaning to us. Love my princess!