I like the word “probably” a lot more when it is favorable.  Although sometimes I feel like life is engulfed in ‘probably,’ ‘maybe,’ ‘most likely,’ or ‘I’m not sure.’

Today “probably” means it’s most likely migraines causing her agony.

migrane 2


And with some explanation that migraines can level even the strongest adults, she started to feel a bit better.

There was  a thorough exam, and a kind, intelligent neurologist.  He knew what Cowden’s Syndrome was, complimented my list of doctors, and even called the oncologist to talk about treatment options.

So my girl, whose pain had actually radiated down and into her shoulders was looking finally at an answer.



I understand her cautious suspicion, as things have often not gone according to plan.

However, this diagnosis actually makes sense.  And having lived through my share of migraines, it even explains the level of pain.

migrane 4

So he is 90% sure.

Those are good odds.

Except there needs to be an MRI just to be 100% sure.

And MRI, with gadolinium.  Again.

Three steps forward.  Two steps back.

But once the MRI is done, and clean, and we can all breathe again, then its onward.

The medicine started tonight.  It will be every night.  Relief is long overdue.

Fingers crossed.  Prayers gladly accepted.

migrane 3


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