Getting out of my own way…

I am actively, consciously, deliberately, trying to get out of my own way.


I have hopes, goals, dreams, aspirations.  I love my daughter, my husband and God and my family and friends.

I want to be stellar mom, an outstanding wife, and a good friend.

I want to be a Christian woman who leads by example.

I want to shout from the mountaintops about the organic superfood changing lives in my house, and giving us energy and clarity of mind we never thought possible.

I want to teach people about health and wealth and how they can go hand in hand.

But I am stuck.

Right in the middle of my own way.


We had Meghan to the neurologist today.  We left Staten Island at 1:45 and traveled the approximately 17 miles to the appointment in Manhattan.  It took an hour and a half.  I just about worked myself into a migraine on the way.


But, fortunately, the torturous migraines of the fall are a memory.  Controlled by a medication I would rather her not take.  Today we got a dose increase, and something  to help her sleep.  It should be noted the ONLY side effect the neurologist would even discuss from the medication was drowsiness.  HA!  Not here.  There’s my Meg… doing it her own way.

This was an easy appointment.  We were home by 5:30 although wiped out by the journey – all of us.  The follow-up is in a few months, the new script is in hand.

They are asleep.

I am sitting at the computer.  Thinking.  Researching.  Typing.  Organizing. Planning.  Attacking everything.  Accomplishing – not so much.

Today I called to reschedule the thyroid surgical consultation.  Suddenly 5 weeks seems like a really long time.  The tickle in the throat is troublesome.  It turns into coughing when she gets nervous, and is only pacified into a tickle by the boxes of cough drops on my counter.  I try to ignore the reality that we both know exists.  I try to tell her it’s no big deal, and to casually ask her to show me where it bothers her.

cold eeze

“It’s not sore till I cough.  It just feels weird – right here.”

And there on the right side of the thyroid is what has begun to feel like a small stone.  I try not to let my imagination get the best of me as I picture it pushing on her windpipe.

“It’s fine,” I tell her.  “We’ll just get the doctor to take a quick look.”

She’s not dumb.  Not by any means.  And that is a good deal of the problem.  Gone are the days when I could lie through my teeth and protect her from the evils of Cowden’s Syndrome – lurking behind each corner, hiding under the bed, and in the closet.  Now the monster is real.  And it gives real life nightmares.


So in 2 weeks, on February 6th we will head to Sloan Kettering to meet the pediatric surgeon.  No one can be sure what he will say.  And I am not sure there is a statement he will make that will soothe me or make me happy.

And the waiting game continues.  One appointment down.  Two weeks till the next.  Then on the 11th I have 3 and she has one.  I still haven’t figured if its better to consolidate or spread them out.  They just keep coming.  One after another…

“Beatingcowdens” will suck out your energy if you let it.

But I won’t.  That’s why I have gotten so involved in this superfood, and this fabulous company called Isagenix.  Recently they named their 100th millionaire.  A school guidance counselor from NJ with no network marketing experience.  We three start every day with our shakes.  We use the snacks and the meal bars, and the tea, and tonight they both took the melatonin spray to sleep.  We are feeling better and better.  So in the time I have at night, I listen to podcasts, I learn all I can.  And I try to share with my family and friends that I am finally not that sickly little girl they knew.  I try to share with them the health and wellness opportunities, and the vision for financial freedom.  I am here.  I am ready.  If they will listen.

And its a good thing I am a master at multitasking, because there are lesson plans to write – for a subject I love across a LOT of grades.  Trying every moment to be the best I can be.

As I sort through the last boxes from Dad’s apartment.  And I laugh, and I smile, and I cry.  As I make binders of beautiful 8×10 prints I found everywhere.  As I sort through the photos on CD and prepare hard drives for my brother and sister.  And I chuckle at the bills that come in, and I make contact with the members of his platoon in Vietnam, and his old friends – one at a time. Unearthing buried treasure from a man I loved dearly.  Not a saint, but who is?  And so much wiser than any of us really gave him credit for.

And I make list after list of the things I need to do.  In the house, in life, on the computer… Supplements to order, new pants for my growing girl, laundry, and a haircut, and all sorts of other random yet necessary things.

I think about my friends who I love.  The ones I never call, or barely talk to.  The ones who I text instead of calling or visiting.  I think of how busy our lives are… and for what?

Rare Disease Day is coming.  February 28th.  Our school is celebrating.  Meghan is thrilled.  There will be Tshirt sales, and a movie night, and proceeds to the “Global Genes Project.”  It gives purpose.  Hope.  A distraction.

Rare_Disease_Day_Logo_2011-1024x968 2

Somewhere in the midst of all this I have to stop and wonder.  How do people do it?

Our lives have their own brand of busy – a medical type – which may be different than that of my friends, but it bears similarities.  Over run.  Overworked.  Exhausted.  Worried.

How do they get out of their own way?  How do they manage to keep the balance of friendships and “play dates” for adults and kids?  How do they get the laundry and the grocery shopping done, and still find time to play?

I think I am a pretty organized Mom.  But yet – I need to use my time better.  I won’t part with my writing.  That’s therapy for me.

I’ve minimized the clutter in my house (just don’t look in the closets.)  Now its time to minimize the clutter in my head.

Cowden’s Syndrome Awareness

This card was created out of her need to "teach" others about Cowden's Syndrome.
This card was created out of her need to “teach” others about Cowden’s Syndrome.

Rare Disease Day

Doctors, surgery?

Isagenix – health and wealth

Reconnecting with old friends

Making the time to exercise… cause I like it.


Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to find my way out of this maze…

I’ve got work to do!


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