#beatingcowdens #collegebound

No, she’s not going yet.  And actually even the thought that she will truly be college bound only 6 summers from now makes me a bit queasy.  But, there will be time to deal with that later, and milestones to cross along the way.

For tonight, we celebrate what we hope will be the first of many college scholarships.  While the amount is small, and the $1,000 will likely not even cover the cost of her first semester’s books, the honor is great, and the concept that these things can start now is mind-blowing.

The link below only connects you to the search page, where you would have to put in her name and state to search for “Regional Winners,”  but the picture shows a snapshot of the reasons for selection.

Regional Winner - Kohl's Cares Scholarship 2015
Regional Winner – Kohl’s Cares Scholarship 2015

Search for Scholarship Winners using this link.

The award is held by Kohl’s and paid to her “undergraduate institution” upon enrollment.  It sounds so formal.  So fancy.  So far away.

But, it’s not.  And time will fly.  I know this.

So I run as much as I can, getting to every doctor, and as many swim practices, and drama sessions as I can.  She maintains her really high average with minimal input from home.  And I bring the computer to swim practice.  So I can write.  And stay sane.  And cherish the little things, which in fact are DEFINITELY the BIG GIANT things.

little things

Tonight it’s not about being sick.  It’s about being well enough to overcome.  It’s about determination to persevere.  It’s about a desire to make life better for others.


She is talking actively about how she will make next year’s fund raiser better.  Her goals.  She has some other things in the works too.  The brain is always going.


She is steering this ship.  I am her happy co-pilot.  Along for the ride of my life.

Together we are BEATINGCOWDENS, and we WILL NOT be stopped.


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