To My Daughter’s Team of Medical “Professionals…”

And with the week that was, so much of this post from last April rings true still. While I gather my thoughts, this will do…


I went to college, and graduate school, and took 30 credits above my Master’s Degree in Education.  I earned a job as an elementary school teacher, in the school I attended as a child.  And, after 18 years on the job I still love those moments when I am alone with my students, and things just “click.”  But, nothing happens by accident.  And despite the belief that a teacher’s day ends at 3PM, many a long night has been spent with those very students in mind, planning lessons, and creatively trying to reach them where they need to be met.  I am not always successful in my execution, but I am confident in my planning and preparedness.

Because, you see that is what I was always told a professional is, and does.  You LIVE your “job.”  You are still the teacher, in the mall, in the restaurant, or even in…

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