The Perks of Breast Cancer and Implants!

 Come on, there had to be some benefits.

It’s going up to about 97 degrees today.  And while I still can’t swim, thanks to some LINGERING hysterectomy healing… I had an “AHA!” moment as I got dressed today.

There are these adorable spaghetti strapped camisole tops.  You know them, the ones that have the shelf bra that couldn’t hold a damn thing, so you keep wearing a bra under it, and then you wear another top over it to hide the straps, ending up hotter than you were to begin with?  I see girls and women with them all the time.  I have about 6 in my closet.  All colors.

Today as I got dressed the thought occurred to me to try it without a bra.  Just to see.

Well I’ll be damned.  There is a benefit to fake size A boobs.  I can hop, skip and jump.  They don’t move.  No bra required.  No nipples makes for even less worry.

I will be much less sweaty than my friends today. 

See – even cancer can have a bright side! 

Smile 12 a
Smile 12 a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)