The Perks of Breast Cancer and Implants!

 Come on, there had to be some benefits.

It’s going up to about 97 degrees today.  And while I still can’t swim, thanks to some LINGERING hysterectomy healing… I had an “AHA!” moment as I got dressed today.

There are these adorable spaghetti strapped camisole tops.  You know them, the ones that have the shelf bra that couldn’t hold a damn thing, so you keep wearing a bra under it, and then you wear another top over it to hide the straps, ending up hotter than you were to begin with?  I see girls and women with them all the time.  I have about 6 in my closet.  All colors.

Today as I got dressed the thought occurred to me to try it without a bra.  Just to see.

Well I’ll be damned.  There is a benefit to fake size A boobs.  I can hop, skip and jump.  They don’t move.  No bra required.  No nipples makes for even less worry.

I will be much less sweaty than my friends today. 

See – even cancer can have a bright side! 

Smile 12 a
Smile 12 a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 thoughts on “The Perks of Breast Cancer and Implants!

  1. Was delighted to find your blog and this post…I have been thinking about the very same type of post lately…the positive side of cancer…so seeing your post made me grin ear to ear. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Hope you stick around. Just started reading through yours and I think we have a few things in common. You may want to read more about my genetic mutation, its not BRCA, but rather PTEN, or have your genetecist rule it out. Its rare, (1 in 200,000 – but my daughter and I both have it) but in your travels just make sure its not that either… I think you are going to do GREAT! All the best.

      1. Hmmm….that’s good to know. I know my geneticist ran another test in conjunction with the BRCA test so I better double check what exactly it was…thought it was the same BRCA type but maybe it was something different. I will look into that, thanks for mentioning it. Did your genetecist bring it up or did you have another source of info?

        And yes…I’ll definitely be sticking around 🙂

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