Impersonating ME?

I wish people would be careful who they impersonate. I am like this “big cat.” Waiting peacefully… until…

Have I mentioned the doctor and hospital bills?  Not that we need to pay them very often.  We are blessed with two solid insurance policies.  It’s the dealing with them.  When you are at appointments as often as we are ( and the COWDEN SYNDROME/ PTEN mutation seems to make sure of it!), the errors are countless.  And the HOURS on the phone…

I shouldn’t complain.  I have been home enough the last few months that I can spend hours on the phone.  But, really after a while when you are fighting so hard for your health, and many days your sanity, the incessant battles with billing departments can be draining.

And, when  I am at work – that is when I could really use a secretary, or a clone.  Either way…

The dreary weather is getting to me.  I am lonely.  I feel better, but can’t do much.  It’s nice to be home, but not with so many restrictions.  The internet is full of poison.  I can not read one more article on post menopausal weight gain.  I am only 38.  This is sometimes surreal.  Menopause… I should have at least another 15 years for that!  So, I try to be productive.

Like the bill I got for a visit to the ER when I was never there.  Yep, I was never there.  I have made no less than 15 phone calls about this since May 10th when the bill first came in.  Everyone is suspicious of me.  They have bounced me through departments.  I even got a letter from GHI saying the bill was filed electronically using my Social Security number.  (Because I needed one more worry.)  Seems to me it should be easy to trace.  If someone cared.

I just sent an Email to the general bank at the hospital.  It was 2 hours ago.  They have already asked me for more information and rerouted it to a few supervisors.  At least someone is doing something.  But me, I am waiting.  My credit scores were just printed for our mortgage last month.  They were very good.  I am  sure I need to call and request detailed reports.

Every time I go to the hospital, whether it is for my daughter or me, they want copies of the insurance cards, copies of our driver’s licenses, (mine and my husband’s) and our social security numbers.  I never give out my daughter’s – that is the one piece of information I can withhold, but they get everything else or they won’t treat.  They have that power.

What I get are the bills.  Some of them are just fun to deal with.  Like yesterday when I told the hospital that did my daughter’s last surgery that it had to be illegal to bill our primary carrier $40,000 and get payment in full, then bill our secondary carrier $25,000 and get nothing (because the bill was overpaid in their eyes) and then try to tell me I owe a $300 deductible.  Nope.  Not paying it.  The supervisor adjusted my balance to zero when I questioned their billing practices.  Surprise.

Now I have the unique job of proving I actually was NOT at a hospital when someone says I was.  It may take me all next week, but I will get it done.

Although I would like to have a chat with the poor soul who pretended to be me.  Ok my life could definitely be worse – but really, pick more carefully who you want to impersonate buddy.

I am busy here kicking the bottom of a rare disease.  I am tired, but I am a fighter.  Don’t mess with me – unless you really want to try being me.  I fight full time.  And like I said, when it’s important – I win.

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