Mommy is on a mission…

I am dating myself now, I know.  I was definitely one who watched the “A-Team” in the 80s. 

I have no real idea as to how my subconscious works, but tonight as I sat through a few hours of sorting out that $750 bill, I kept thinking of Mr. T.


I have it all straightened out.  Clipped together and ready.  It took me 2 hours, but I figured out the billing error they obviously haven’t rectified in 3 years.

I know exactly what they need to do.  But tomorrow I think I will mess with them a bit.  Make them send me a few detailed, itemized bills.  Then, after they send it all to me, I will let them know if they bill my medical, not my hospitalization (like it says in the fine print) they will get paid the deductibles they are looking for.  See, we are fortunate enough to have 2 insurances, and smart enough to use them.

No doubt we could pay the bill if we had to.  But, why?  There will be something else… like superhypoallergenic sunscreen… that I can better spend it on.

Tomorrow.    I will start with the garden.  Move on to the billing department, and finish by calling Boston, all before PT at 11:45. 

No time for tears of frustration tomorrow.  I am a Mommy on a mission.

Photo: LOVE THIS! <3

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