Cowden’s Syndrome took…

Well, it took my thyroid, or at least any functioning part, long before I knew why.

It took my boobs in the prophylactic mastectomy that wasn’t so much prophylactic.

Cowden’s Syndrome took my uterus.  But I didn’t need it anyway.

It took my ovaries, but it gave me hot flashes in return.  Fair trade?

Cowden’s Syndrome took my checkbook, and used it for copays, and parking lots.

It took my calendar – and filled it with all sorts of places I didn’t want to be.

Cowden’s Syndrome took away my peace of mind, and filled it with worry.  (OK, MORE worry…)

It took my appetite.  If you don’t count Cheerios, ice cream, and salad.

It took away all my comfortable clothes, and has forced me to replace them in smaller sizes that appropriately cover my fake boobs, without losing track of them in shirts that are too large.


it gave me the means and the motivation for education and early detection.

It gave me the motivation to step forward and say, “I don’t need THESE any more.”

Because I have Cowden’s Syndrome I will not suffer at the hands of breast or uterine cancer, and I will do my damndest to make sure my little girl doesn’t either.

Cowden’s Syndrome gave me the courage to fire clueless doctors, and educate the ones who care.

I encountered an acquaintance with breast cancer today.  She had on a beautiful wig, and is in the middle of chemotherapy.  I felt guilty as she asked me how I was feeling.  She knew of my ordeal last spring.  Survivor’s guilt I think.  It broke my heart to see her hurting, even though I feel she will be well again.

Cowden’s Syndrome SUCKS, in so many ways.  But it is part of us now, and like anything that becomes part of you, I believe you have to yank the good out of it.

Cowden’s Syndrome has taken a lot from me, from us in this house.  But the knowledge we have gained will give us second chances that some others may never have.

Cowden’s Syndrome took from my body – but in many ways it gave to my soul.


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