Blessed- with my fake boobs

No, seriously – I mean it.

Yes, there is the occasional moment where I think the new girls feel a bit awkward, or unnatural.  There is the occasional moment when I look in the mirror and try to remember what the old girls looked like, and what it was to have nipples instead of scars.

Then I get over it.

And I think about how comfortable and natural it was last night, as I held my exhausted daughter and she rested her head on this size A silicone that sits where my old boob was.  She didn’t even hesitate.  She didn’t mention it being weird or unnatural.  She didn’t notice.

And my husband, who means it when he says over and over – “I am just so glad you are here.”  And, I believe him.

I am blessed to have had great surgeons, a superb support system, and the “push” to say goodbye when it was time.

A year ago I still had more body parts.  If I had left them all alone I could be dead now.  But I am not.  And the cancer is gone.


This Cowden’s Syndrome can really suck sometimes.

Other times I feel very blessed.

Plus – mine will stay perky longer than yours! 😉


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