Nerves of Steel

I mean no disrespect to the “Man of Steel,” but I think parents of kids with chronic illnesses have it more difficult.


We need “Nerves of Steel.”


I am trying to settle in to bed.  Tomorrow bright and early we head out for the thyroid sonogram and appointment.  My stomach is twisted in a million directions.

At this point I should be calmer.  I should relax, and have faith – as I am sure that everything will somehow be alright.  Yet, still, it is so hard to keep your mind from wandering.

chronic illness

I will take it all, every illness, every horrible twist and turn that this wretched Cowden’s Syndrome will toss at me.  Just PLEASE… leave my kid out of it.

Today we stayed home.  The three of us, (and Allie and Lucky) as a family.  We did some work, and we rested.  We also did a little bit of shopping.

My girl had only three things on her list for Santa.  She asked for an American Girl Doll, a dog ring, and money to buy toys for the children in the hospital.  Santa left her $100.  Today she carefully selected some toys, “a kid stuck in a hospital might appreciate.”  And she would know.  She has spent her share of time stuck in a hospital.

These are the toys she picked out for the kids in the hospital.
These are the toys she picked out for the kids in the hospital.

Such a great kid.  I am just so proud of her compassion.  We are blessed.  Please, dear God… hold us close tomorrow.

My three girls... resting together.
My three girls… resting together.


3 thoughts on “Nerves of Steel

  1. I missed this last night and then saw your other post before this. I wanted to read this again, see the great pictures and enjoy your positivity. This is one of the things we all learn from this – nerves of steel. Thinking of you both.

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