I believe…

I believe that there are lessons to be learned from every event in life- especially the ones that don’t turn out like we plan.

I believe in looking for the positives; when plans change without warning, when people disappoint us, when we are thrust onto paths we never wanted to travel and into circles we never knew existed.

I believe that our indoctrination into the world of Rare Diseases came with an invitation to sit back or step forward.  We choose to step forward.  I believe we will make a difference.

hope its in our genes

I believe in prayer, and God, and miracles, and angels – and I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say so.

I believe in a God that doesn’t plan for bad things to happen, and who cries with us when they do.  I believe that same God will give us the strength to get through the trials and tragedies and all our adversity – if only we ask.

god helps us handle

I believe in angels, and speak regularly of my cousin Meghan, our guardian angel.  But, I also believe there are armies of angels around us.  I am thinking especially today about the father and his 4-year-old daughter that were hit by a fire truck at the same intersection I had my accident in November.  Nothing short of angels pulled them both from the car – shaken and banged up, but very much alive.


I believe in miracles-large and small.   I have witnessed at least one large one,  when my sister’s beautiful niece pulled through a very scary life threatening virus 2 years ago.  I believe that miracles happen every day – all around us.  But every day I witness miracles, as the flowers bud, and the birds fly, and the children grow.

life is like a bicycle

I believe that adversity can only define us if we let it.  Our struggles surely shape us, as we grow each day – but how we handle them affects us, and the people around us.  I believe that Cowden’s Syndrome – through my daughter’s diagnosis, saved my life.  I believe that PTEN mutations, and broken tumor suppressor genes are scary – but not “hide under the bed” scary.  They are more like “you can try that roller coaster you don’t like” scary.

A roller coaster ride!
A roller coaster ride!

I believe we are allowed to be frustrated and sad and angry and mad.  Every single one of us – sometimes.  I believe that life can be very, very, very hard.  Overwhelming at times.  But, I also believe in doing my best to channel that energy, and teaching my daughter to do the same.

life is not a measure of days

I believe in smiling more than frowning.  I tell Meghan that she will draw more people to her with a smile on her face.  She listens.

I believe that good things can come from unexpected change.  New friendships and old ones become more solid when tested.  People you never expected can go to bat for you – and look out for you.

I believe in surrounding myself with people who are “real.”  Who say what they mean, and mean what they say.  I believe in surrounding myself with people who have all types of beliefs, as long as they have a kind heart and are true to themselves.

I believe in speaking out about my own life, and my own experiences; whether they are medical, allergies, emotional, physical because keeping them inside doesn’t help a soul.

I believe writing helps me channel my own energy into a productive outlet.  I believe I will spend every day on this earth in some way thinking, addressing, or working through a medical issue for Meghan or I.  I believe – if I stay focused it will not consume me. (Although from time to time I may need some help!)


I believe that people who are only in this life to gossip and spread lies and false information are toxic.

I have made a pact to rid my life of toxins.  I believe with a lot of determination it can be done!