Howard works to put a stop sign in a deadly Staten Island intersection

Activism… Hopefully to save some lives!

WPIX 11 New York

The intersection of Waters and Clinton B. Fiske Avenues in Staten Island is becoming one of the more dangerous places in the city.  Just ask Ken Bach, who lives there.

“We’ve had six people injured in the last six months,” he told me.  That’s six people in three separate accidents.  And each time, at least one of the vehicles wound up in Bach’s yard or on his property.

Lori Ortega, a teacher at nearby PS thirty, described what happened to her last November.

“On November 26th of last year I was coming after school down Waters Avenue; and had stopped at the stop sign and was clear to go. I was about three fourths of the way through the intersection when I was t-boned by a truck coming at a fairly high rate of speed. My car spun two or three times and I ended up on Bach’s front lawn.”

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