Believe in the Magic


This has been quite a year, for our whole family- but if I am honest, especially Meghan.

This year in January we had the “Santa Claus” chat. And, as careful as I was – I was devastated when some of the magic left her that day.

During this last year, she lost my grandfather, her GGPa. and had her first close encounter with deep loss.  Last October when GiGi fell she saw a fragile side of two of the strongest people in her life. She has watched Grandma- my Mom – look after HER Mom, and she thinks- and she worries. Then just a few short weeks ago GGMa had heart surgery. And we have had so many discussions about life these weeks, your head would spin, and your ears might bleed.

That doesn’t even bring into question her own medical issues. This child spent just about every single day- from the day school let out- at a medical appointment. Many if them were routine follow ups. Many others addressed new problems and concerns and left us with more unanswered questions. And all of this – that began literally the day after school ended, will culminate August 20th with hand surgery. This has been the summer..  Well…

So she has been preparing her answers when people ask her how her summer was. Before we even left for Disney she had decided she would tell them; “I love my new swim team, and Disney was great!”

She is smart enough to know most people will not REALLY want to hear what e transpired this summer, and she hates to lie- so we found a happy medium!

That’s because Disney always has been great. But the first few days this year were a little rough. She was struggling, and when we finally got her to talk she explained that she hoped the trip would erase a horrendous July. It didn’t. She was literally expecting the “Magic” to whisk it away.

Then  there was that problem with the “magic.”

See for the first time – with the realization that Santa wasn’t who she expected- came the realization that, well, Mickey, and Goofy, and Donald- well you get the idea.

Maybe its fortunate she was too exhausted too much during this trip, so we had lots of time to talk. And, somewhere around the third day she caught on.

That MAGIC- it’s yours. Inside. No one can take it. Sickness, sadness, illness, doctors, surgeries, Cowdens syndrome- nothing!

The magic is there for you if only you believe. THAT is the wonder of Disney. THAT is what keeps us coming back.

The 2013 theme is “Believe in the Magic.”

She gets it. We all do. You have to believe…

Much more about this trip when I am back on my real computer!


6 thoughts on “Believe in the Magic

  1. Thank you for the reminder that no matter our troubles, we should never stop believing. Your blogs always give me pause and remind me that my glass is really half full and not half empty. Thank you and god bless you and your family!

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