And the body says… SLOW DOWN!

So it’s  almost 2 AM on Sunday.  And I have to say, I didn’t see this one coming.

didnt see it coming

This is the part where I remind people over and over that just because you CAN live without a body part, doesn’t mean your body doesn’t miss it when its gone.  I mean we were made in one piece…

So the recovery was going pretty well, but that’s mostly due to her feisty determination.

But there is a point where you look back over the last 9 days and consider a few major things.  That point came at about 4, and 5 , and 6 this afternoon as she was violently and quickly vomiting herself into dehydration.

If you consider that there was the stress and worry of HOW we were going to get to the surgery, then the brief pleasant stay at Ronald McDonald House, followed by a 4 hour surgical delay, coupled with a less than smooth hospital stay that had its share of communication issues… you start to get a sense of the stress that has been this February “vacation.”

Sorry we didn't send a post card, but it was a blast ...
Sorry we didn’t send a post card, but it was a blast …

Really it extends way farther back than that… but rather than bore you again with all the back story I’ll stay current.

So on the 13th the thyroid came out.  It was a three hour procedure with lots of general anesthesia junk for my pretty organic girl.  Then there was the whole removing an actual PART of her body.  And then there was the introduction of the synthetic replacement hormone.  And there was lots of fidgeting with calcium levels.  And there were narcotic pain meds for a few days too to keep the edge off.

And at some point around 4 today her body had had enough.

I love when Meghan vomits and people say, “Is she sick?”  And I say “nope.”  Rarely, (knock on wood – NOW please) does Meghan get a “stomach virus,” but she’s not a stranger to vomiting.  She vomits when her body has had enough.

And today, her stomach hurt.  Her knees hurt.  Her hips hurt.  Today I couldn’t keep the pedialyte in cause it all happened so fast.  And, since there’s a first time for everything – we actually had to go to the ER for fluids.  Except she’s Meghan.  And she’s only a bit over a week post op.  And they just wanted to be careful… so she’s asleep in the bed.  I am typing away as I won’t even attempt to sleep until after the 3 AM meds.

without sleep

And after the ER was over and we came up to the floor for a bed – in a place we have spent some time before- we passed by the NICU where she started her life in 2003.  While I was reflecting I looked at our nurse and thought she looked a little familiar.  Once she told me her name I was incredibly grateful I had been kind to her son when he was in my 5th grade class some (AHEM 13 – or more) years ago.  You never know when you’ll need Karma on your side…

And now this poor, lovely nurse was left to contend with my daughter, reading package inserts and discussing medications before they were given.  Meghan talks a lot.  But I didn’t feel guilty about that part (GRIN.)

So the fluids kicked in and she began to perk up.  She had time to share with the doctors and the nurse her denim ribbons, her Cowden’s card, AND her movie for RARE Disease Day.  They want us to bring them some ribbons for the floor.

wear that you care photo

Me, I got my nutrients in my – thank goodness I always stuff a meal bar and an EShot into my bag… ALWAYS.  That knocked that pounding headache right out.

isalean-bar-chocolate Eshot

She bounces back.  Quickly.  But sometimes a little too well.  I have to watch her.  Determination can’t do it all.  The body has to help too.  And as strong and tough as she is, we all need to be reminded that, well she has this RARE Genetic Disorder called PTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome… or Cowden’s Syndrome… and well, even though we may not always want to admit it – that darned syndrome can make life a little extra tricky.

5 thoughts on “And the body says… SLOW DOWN!

  1. How’s your daughter’s calcium levels? When I have had post surgery drips, they catch up with me days later & my levels soar. Ditto after thyroid surgery when they were trying different levels, the doctor prescribed me an almost toxic level of calcitriol-vita D.

    1. Ugh……all I can say is that we both know this too shall pass…… It’s just so frustrating and so endless, I know….. Meghan will bounce back before you know it… just have to handle every single thing until then ….. Big Hugz to everyone!!!

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