She didn’t get THAT from me!

And in her never-ending quest to keep Cowden’s Syndrome firmly in its place, my girl blew me away yet again.

I am just along for the ride.

She looks like me.  She and I share a broken PTEN gene, and all the ramifications.  She inherited my tendency to grow things, and perhaps her body is even playing harder with her.

We are roughly the same size.  We have curly hair.  We share some clothes.  She and I are both stubborn, sometimes to our benefit and sometimes to our detriment.  We are strong-minded and strong-willed.


And that is probably where the comparisons stop.

Yesterday after a full day of school, she fit in a PT session, 2 hours at after school drama, a good run at her abbreviated swim practice schedule (for the second day in a row,) and came home to complete some lingering homework.

Tonight, her father and I took her to the school’s chorus/drama performance.  It was hot.  It was long.  It was so worth it.

The kids have amazing talent.  I guess what I didn’t really get until tonight is that mine fits right in.

After a skit on Helen Keller, where she played Annie Sullivan, she stood with several 6th-8th graders and they each sang acapella,  an excerpt from a Broadway show tune.

Meghan had never heard of “Fiddler on the Roof.”  She downloaded the song she was told to learn.  She practiced.  I fought back tears of pride and joy.

I told her drama teacher I had no idea she had that in her.  The teacher told me to “wait and see what we bring out of her in the next 2 years.”

What a gift.  Two happy places.  The stage AND the pool.  BAM!


Take that Cowden’s!  This kid’s got things to do…