In a Dark Room…


I’m thankful that some nights she still invites me to chat with her in her dark room


After she should be asleep

I’m thankful that we can relate to each other

Different – incredibly different

Yet so much the same

Yesterday I hurt a lot

An unusually extra tough day for me

But I looked at her and I kept on plugging

She knows no other way and leaves no other option

I hate that she bears this burden

There are days it could destroy me

But it doesn’t

She simply motivates me to keep going

She pushes me to be a better person

A better mother

A better human

Often without saying a word

Sometimes in her dark room we’ll share

What we worry and wonder about

Sometimes we tell things we’d never tell another

Sometimes we laugh

Sometimes we cry

Mostly we learn things

Still after all this time we learn things

Like yesterday when I told her that I am luckier because I have her to keep me going

And she looked at me quizzically and wondered aloud

Why do you think I keep going?

And in that moment there was even more clarity

Daughters and Mothers

Mothers and Daughters

We worry and wonder

We argue and spat

We chat and share

We battle

Not each other

But this disease


Different but the same

Pain, surgery, worry, wonder, loneliness, anticipation, anxiety, and sometimes terror

I hate every moment of this road she has to travel

But I am selfishly grateful for the quiet, determined way

She keeps me balanced and focused on what matters

So we can help each other

And remain



daughter 2

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