A breath of normalcy… shhhh…

There are lots of things that I like about Saturdays.  First, my husband is home with us, and that makes any day better.  I love the routines – wash the sheets and towels and dog beds, head to the bank, general clean up, and the race to see how fast it can all get done so the day can start.

Perhaps what I love the best about Saturdays is that they are almost always free of doctors.  Unless we are sick or have some kind of emergency, Saturday is a doctor – free day.  That means no appointments, no waiting in offices, no waiting for phone calls that don’t come (UGH!), no dealing with billing offices and in and out of network nightmares.  NO DOCTORS!

Have I mentioned I love Saturday?

And today it was even better.  Beyond “normal,” we had a surprise visit from 2 nephews, all grown up now – 18 and 23 – who spent this really HOT day, swimming with us, and just hanging around to chat, play Kinect, and even Uno.

Kinect Adventures
Kinect Adventures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We ate a delicious and healthy dinner.  Grilled chicken on the barbecue, roasted potatoes, chick pea salad, and grilled zucchini from our garden!  And, it was ALL  prepared by my husband (who is incidentally a MUCH better cook than I will ever be!)

It gets better – if you can imagine.  Today, for the first time since last summer, I put my new fake boobs, and my post hysterectomy body into a bathing suit – AND I SWAM!  🙂   And, it was ok.  The suit fit.  Everything stayed where it belonged.  It looks like the hysterectomy has finally healed, and shhhhhhh……  even if it was just for today –

it was really nice to have a breath of normalcy in our lives!