Bra-less in Walt Disney World!

I just returned from 9 days in sunny, HOT Florida with my family.  We had our 5th annual trip to Disney to celebrate Meghan‘s birthday August 9th.  I now officially have a 9 year old!

The trip was great, and I will have loads of things to share over the next few days, so bear with me.  But this is the thought I had to share first.

I spent 9 days in Florida and I didn’t wear a bra – not once.

Now I was never huge.  Prior to my mastectomy I was a B cup, C if I had gained a few pounds or wanted to make myself feel better.  So, when I was discussing my reconstruction options for the new boobs with the plastic surgeon, she was a little surprised when I told her I wanted immediate implants instead of tissue expanders.

She told me that just isn’t the way they do things anymore.  She said she wouldn’t have enough skin to maintain my existing size.  So I said, “OK, go smaller.”  Now she was a pretty small woman herself, but she still spoke to me for quite a long time, wanting to be sure I understood what I was saying.

I did.  You see my surgery was as much about my daughter as it was about me.  I knew that tissue expanders required fills.  I knew that that meant more trips to the doctor.  I knew that it meant an additional surgery for the implants, and I knew several people who had suffered enormous infections with them.  I also knew I had to get home to my daughter and get about the business of recovering – quickly.  So, if that meant I had to go down to an A cup – so be it.  It supported the weight loss all the recent stress has brought.

After the surgery I wasn’t unhappy at all with the “new” girls.  Once healed I got used to them, and grew more confident.  So, when I went shopping for vacation I got a little daring.

All those shelf bra tops. the yoga ones, and the skinny strap camisole tops – well I had a few, and I bought a few smaller ones.  Then, I tried them on with no bra.  THAT was something I never dared to do before.  I jumped, I bounced. I checked.  Nothing moved.  And, since I lost my nipples to the surgery – nothing stuck out.

Well I spent 9 days in Florida, with minimal hot flashes, helped along by my moisture wicking tops, and no bra.

Best part of all, I am sure NO one had a clue.

After all that has gone on, if I don’t find the bright side, I will crack up.  So here it is, just for you – the shots of me Bra-less in Walt Disney World!

TWO bathing suits to pick from!!!!!

I never owned a 2 piece suit in my life… even though you can’t tell! 

Sorry about the strange head tilt… Never owned a suit that wasn’t primarily black either!


 Today after a few annoying things happened (like setting up Meghan’s appointment for Friday morning with the stupid surgeon, and fighting with a credit reporting agency over an old identity theft issue)  I got to try on my new bathing suits. 

Now, this (almost 39 year old) body, is in no condition to model, but I was so very excited I had to share. 

Since the mastectomy I have had a lot of work getting used to my new boobs.  They are smaller than the old ones, and that seems to be just as difficult to adjust to as if they had become bigger.  It just changes everything – the way everything fits and feels. 

I have also had to get used to no underwire – in anything.  That has been an understandable, but difficult transition. So, I have pretty much transformed my closet into tops that worked for me.  Lots of new T shirts, a couple of dress shirts that still need a tuck at the shoulder to tighten them up by the boobs.  But all in all – its going ok. 

When I first put on last years bathing suits I did cry a little.  I had to immediately put all but 1 (which was salvageable, but not great) up in the attic.  Not only did the boobs just not work in those suits, the stress of the last few months has taken off some pounds.  So they were a mess. I ordered 1 suit a few weeks ago.  My husband made me take it off because he said it made my boobs look fake.  (LOL… newsflash honey… )  But I understood. 

Got these in the mail today and got the seal of approval on both.  I have some nerve showing them here… but I want to know what you think. 

So come on tell me – black, pink, or try again? 

Have to have some fun, right?