I love my family. Especially when we get some time away from the nonsense of daily life and just get to enjoy each other.

Vacations are necessary. Big or small, they are critical food for the soul.

Our life isn’t easy, but I am extremely proud to be the mother of a graceful, articulate and well mannered young lady who is learning to take a lot in stride. She isn’t perfect. None of us are, and there will be growing pains as she defines who she is, but I am already proud to be her Mom, and I know that pride will continue to grow.

I have spent  the last 5 days amongst thousands of people and there is not one who I would willingly trade places with. I have seen kids…oh so ill and the anguish in their parent’s eyes. I have seen whiny, bratty kids, with parents who I am glad not to know.  I have seen kids who struggle, making every attempt to fit in, in a world that is overloading their senses.  I am grateful for our struggles, they have made us who we are. I do not want anyone else’s.

It is nice, and necessary to spend a few days with no doctor’s appointments.

I am glad to have a Mom to watch my dogs and give them the royal treatment for me.

I miss writing every day.  This bog has been therapeutic for me.

I can not stand the touch screen on my daughter’s IPad…and likely won’t write again until we are safely home.

These are my realizations for today.

Be well all!


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