Thought for the day…

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook page today.  She is the kind of person who every day finds something to be grateful for.  I love that about her.  Those are the people worth surrounding yourself with!

Today was the kind of day that could have gone either way.  Three doctors appointments back to back in ManhattanMeghan and Felix home together.  I was a bit bitter about wasting a day.

But I got a spot in my favorite lot, and got in a nice walk.  Then I met a new dermatologist who studied me very closely.  She KNEW what Cowden’s Syndrome was!  And, as she took my medical history about the breast cancer, and the hysterectomy, she said “you look awfully good for the year you’ve had!”  I had to smile.  She understood the rarity of Cowden’s well enough to call the resident in to look at my gums, and what I have come to learn are “classic” Cowden’s marks on my palms and feet.  The resident is studying melanoma specifically, so she let her “double check” and ask me all sorts of questions.  What a treat to not feel like a freak and be in a room with people trying to learn.  Even more of a treat to hear that all is well, and I don’t have to come back for 6 months. 

I made it to doctor number 2 – the endocrinologist with time to spare.  So, she took me early.  An exam, some conversation about the past few months, (through NYUs new system where all the doctors are linked,) some talk about a bone density test in the next few month, a script for blood, and an invitation to return in 6 months.  Wooohoo!  2 for 2!

Early for doctor number 3, the breast surgeon, I had to endure a bit of a wait.  She however, is THRILLED with my healing, and said I don’t need to see her for a year!  (We will do 6 months just so I stagger her with the plastic surgeon, one every February, and one every August – but still! :-))  She asked about my new oncologist, also an NYU doctor, who had contacted her to discuss my case.

Am I starting to feel like there is a competent team of doctors out there?

So, I made exactly the same appointment, same three doctors, February 19th.  How nice to come into the city once and park once, and get three done at once.  Maybe… just maybe… we can start to get our lives back, little by little.

I was home by 2.  Enough time to spend the rest of the day with my family.  Who cares that the black car doesn’t start.  We will take care of that another day…

When I saw that picture tonight I had to smile.  I could have had a really crappy day – but I didn’t.

Because I decided not to!