Beating Cowden’s heads to Facebook!

Today I felt very brave.  Today I felt like shouting.  Today I wanted everyone in the world to know that people have Cowden’s Sydrome – and sometimes it is OK, and sometimes it sucks.  I wanted to raise awareness, and to touch some folks who may need an ear.  This is my way.  This is my outlet.  I can only hope it helps someone.  So, I will continue to post here, but I will link all my posts to the Facebook page with the same name – “Beating Cowden’s.”  Hope to see you there!

I got my “FAMILY PHOTO!”

I was photo obsessed headed into this trip.  I was determined to get a family photo.  So, we headed to Downtown Disney in the 98 degree heat, and did our best in the Disney Photopass studio.  We had a great time.  He got some great shots.  Two family shots, and one of Meghan that are just fabulous.

I won’t be showing them here.  Well, the one of just Meghan may slip out, but not the others, sorry.  I chose one for my Christmas card.  And while I was at it, I sent it to Costco to be printed.  So, I can not even believe I am saying this, but I have 200 Christmas Cards in my basement August 20th.  Ridiculous confession of my OCD – YIKES.  Never in all my years have I done that.  But, there was the picture, all ready to go, and I figured it was the best way to keep me from showing too many people.

So, you will have to wait for that one.  Instead – I will show you some of the Family Photos that didn’t make the Christmas Card!

Fireworks in My Heart

After 12 years of marriage, I still feel fireworks for my husband!

When we were vacationing at Disney World, we stopped one night to see the beautiful fireworks show at EPCOT.  My husband captured a few great shots, as I sat with Meghan and watched the show in awe.  It was such a wonderful, peaceful, “normal” night, and I relished every second.

I watched my husband, practicallly laying on concrete to take photos – partially because he loves photography, but also partially because he knew I was photo obsessed this trip – and I couldn’t help but think how much I adore him.

Those wild days of dating and hot romance have toned down into a sense of companionship, but there is still plenty of passion in our lives.  He can give my stomach a flip with a touch, or a hug; with a quick kiss or a slow one.

I loved him soon after we met.  I loved him more when we married, but I never could have imagined I’d be this in love.

He has held my hand this past year alone, as we watched Meghan be wheeled into surgery for the 9th time.

He lovingly drained my drains after the mastectomy.  He held me, and reassured me.  He told me I was still beautiful, and even helped me believe it.

And, when it came time for the hysterectomy I spent many nights in his arms listening to him repeatedly explain what I already knew – “You are more than the sum of your parts!”

From the start of this whole Cowden’s Syndrome mess, his ONLY concern has been keeping us safe and healthy.  He is my biggest support system, my cheerleader, and my safety net.

I have been blessed in so many ways, but I truly feel this PTEN mutation, helped strengthen an already solid marriage.

He goes back to work in a few hours, and I couldn’t be more sad.  My happiest times are when we are a family of three.

The loves of my life!