A Lesson in Brave


To My Girl,

This week we wait.  Again.  We wait to see how nasty Cowden’s wants to play, and in what ways you’ll need to show it who is the boss.  Again.

You have every right to be frustrated.  To be mad.  To be fearful.  You could be negative, and self-absorbed.

But instead you’ve chosen to be brave.

And I have no words to express how proud you continue to make me every day.

You are strong.  You are brave.  You are focused.  You are successful.

I have learned so much from you, and I continue to learn.

Whatever this week brings, we will handle it.  Together.  Cause there is NOTHING in this world capable of stopping you.


Just remember if you need a hug, a shoulder, or an ear – I’ve got all three.

Love you my girl,



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