“Please Hold…”

I bet I can finish this post before they take me off hold.  I have been on this call for 28 minutes so far.  I have been transferred 4 times.  Finally I cried.  That got me a sympathetic male supervisor.  Sympathetic in that he has left me on hold for 20 of those minutes, but has checked in on me 4 times.

How do I do this when I am at work?  Fortunately I haven’t been at work much, but I understand how people lose their jobs.  I am a teacher.  I can’t spend a period with my cell to my ear waiting to be off hold while I teach.  It just doesn’t work like that.

The breast ultrasound.  No one wants to do it.  I get it. She is 8.  It’s odd.  Get over it and do your damned job!  No one wants to be responsible.  Guess what idiots?  We have to check.  And if you know what a normal breast looks like – this shouldn’t be so tough.

Anyone care that I don’t want to do this either?  The reality of it makes me ill.  Anyone care that I am only 6 days out of major surgery, my anxiety is at a peak, and  haven’t even told her we are going yet?  Anyone else give a shit that this isn’t just a weird scheduling inconvenience?  This is Cowden’s Syndrome.  This is our life.

The man (the call is at more than 35 minutes now) just came back to tell me he hasn’t forgotten me, but this is a lot more than I think.  REALLY?  He is lucky I don’t take the time to tell him what I think.  Maybe he isn’t so nice after all.

I am still on hold….  This sucks!

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