Falling Stitches, and other Hysterectomy Recovery Issues

Johnson and Johnson Band Aid 2
Johnson and Johnson Band Aid 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WARNING, some of this text may be a bit graphic, and might be better reserved for those recovering from a hysterectomy!

Enough with the bleeding already.  That’s it.  I am done.  Over it.  I had my hysterectomy 2 weeks and 2 days ago.  I didn’t know headed in that I was headed for 4 to 6 weeks of bleeding.  I thought this was supposed to make the bleeding STOP!

I guess if I had stopped long enough to think about it, I would have realized that the removal of a few things inside of me makes it necessary to stitch up a few other things, and as they heal it’s not unusual for them to bleed.

BUT, what is with the stitches?  (No not that STITCH!  You know what I mean!)

Stitched up Stitch
Stitched up Stitch (Photo credit: amesis)

Really it is easier to heal mentally from an external surgery than an internal one.  At least from the mastectomy I could watch the wounds close.  I could be sure I wasn’t doing too much.  I watched the bruising fade.  I knew I was getting better.

Now, just when I think this bleeding is letting up, (and it’s not  all THAT heavy, but just REALLY annoying) a stitch falls out of me, I begin to cramp, and on go the faucets again.

Faucet (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

The doctor said the stitches are coming out a bit too early, but apparently they don’t care, because they are coming fast and furious.  Apparently my body seems to understand me when I say that stitches belong outside, not in.

What I want to know is why every time I think all is calm, there is this surge of blood.  Enough to scare the heart out of me.  Then, just like that it stops.

It seems to be taunting me.  Daring me to switch to the lighter pad, but I won’t do it.  Not yet.

I have cramps today.  The kind I would equate with sore boobs, and a craving for chocolate while I wait for my period.  Except, I don’t have any boobs – at least not ones that will be sore, and I won’t be getting my period ever again.

So what is with these cramps?

I am convinced stitches belong on the outside, where you can keep an eye on them.  I told them my body doesn’t like dissolvable stitches.  I guess I have to sit tight and wait while it cleans them out.

At least I am a professional at healing.

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