Healing well…

After she stopped laughing at my Tshirt,

“No, they’re not real (the real ones tried to kill me)”

the surgeon who two weeks ago did my hysterectomy did a wildly uncomfortable internal that brought back memories of the one when I was 41 weeks pregnant.

She then declared that I was, “healing well.”

I laughed and reminded her I am a “professional at recovering.”  At least she has a sense of humor.

That is what we Cowden’s patients do, isn’t it?  Surgery to surgery, procedure to procedure, happily enjoying the time in between.  Knowing it will end.  We recover.  And we darn well better recover stronger and wiser and with our humor in tact – the alternatives are frightening.

She did tell me, because nothing should ever be quite “normal,” that she has never actually seen internal stitches come out so fast, and in pieces so large.

I told her in the hospital my body didn’t care for dissolvable stitches.  She laughed at me then too.  Come on, almost 20 surgeries later – I know my body.

So, it’s essential that I don’t lift anything over 10 pounds for at least another 3 weeks.  I need to avoid bending any more than necessary.  No swimming. No pushing.  No pulling.

When I left the hospital they told me I could drive in 2 weeks.  I lasted 6 days.  I am an overachiever.  I also asked them when the chauffeur was coming to drop off, pick up, and all that other stuff.

Now, since I know the stitches are loose too early I will try to be good.  But really, when are they sending the housekeeper, preferably one who cooks allergy safe meals?  My husband is working all day Saturday and Sunday.  There is a bit of an echo, or occasionally an attitude when I ask for help.

So, my girl and I will make it through.  Ticking the time away until her appointment June 14th. This time its my turn and she is awesome.  Next time it will be her turn to be “healing well.”

Dear God, please remind me to ALWAYS be there for her, and support her, her whole life, no matter how tired or busy I may be.  AMEN

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