I got my “FAMILY PHOTO!”

I was photo obsessed headed into this trip.  I was determined to get a family photo.  So, we headed to Downtown Disney in the 98 degree heat, and did our best in the Disney Photopass studio.  We had a great time.  He got some great shots.  Two family shots, and one of Meghan that are just fabulous.

I won’t be showing them here.  Well, the one of just Meghan may slip out, but not the others, sorry.  I chose one for my Christmas card.  And while I was at it, I sent it to Costco to be printed.  So, I can not even believe I am saying this, but I have 200 Christmas Cards in my basement August 20th.  Ridiculous confession of my OCD – YIKES.  Never in all my years have I done that.  But, there was the picture, all ready to go, and I figured it was the best way to keep me from showing too many people.

So, you will have to wait for that one.  Instead – I will show you some of the Family Photos that didn’t make the Christmas Card!

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