Beating Cowden’s heads to Facebook!

Today I felt very brave.  Today I felt like shouting.  Today I wanted everyone in the world to know that people have Cowden’s Sydrome – and sometimes it is OK, and sometimes it sucks.  I wanted to raise awareness, and to touch some folks who may need an ear.  This is my way.  This is my outlet.  I can only hope it helps someone.  So, I will continue to post here, but I will link all my posts to the Facebook page with the same name – “Beating Cowden’s.”  Hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Beating Cowden’s heads to Facebook!

  1. That is awesome! I fully agree about getting our voices heard. This is why I took to Twitter to raise awareness about Cowden’s/Lhermitte-duclos/rare diseases. Way to go!

  2. PS. Someone found my blog searching, “Cowdens Syndrome support groups” AND “Beating Cowdens”! Have you ever checked your search term hits? 🙂 You should get business cards made up because the title you chose is AMAZE balls! Really! 🙂

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