Keep on, Keeping on!

without hope

Several months ago I wrote about “The Beginning of the End”  Meghan was having trouble keeping us at dancing school.  The pain kept getting out in front of her.

While in some ways the decrease in stress these last few months, plus the return of Physical Therapy twice a week, have helped her pain – but, it became increasingly evident dance was just not meant to be.

She was sick, and missed class.  Then she was hurting, and missed another class.  She missed the dress rehearsal  and trophy night because she was home from school with a low fever.  Always seems to be something.

So as we headed out to “Candyland” yesterday morning, we all knew it would be her last recital.  The dancing takes a toll on her joints that it would be foolish to keep repeating.  But, that didn’t dampen the mood on the soggy Sunday.  Meghan was ready.

We started her day with the electrolytes from Isagenix that help her so much.  Then we left her backstage at the theatre with all the other dancers.

It can get long when your dancer is in number 25 in a show of 27 acts, but I find the other dances entertaining, and before we knew it – she was on stage, ready to shine.

There was no pain evident in that body as the rush of being on stage overwhelmed her.  She smiled and moved in ways my body just never could – or would.


When I met her at the stage door to bring her to her waiting father and grandparents, I had some flowers in hand for a job well done.  She knew this was it for her, but as always – she kept looking forward.  “I will get on stage again Mom.  Maybe in Junior High, maybe in a theater program.  I can’t keep dancing, but I love the stage.”




We took lots of great pictures.  We cherished the memories.  We enjoyed a nice lunch of Gluten Free pizza.

Yesterday was a rush


Today came the pain.  The elbows, the knees.  An epsom salt bath, and some relaxation.  It helped some, but its hard to tell.  She is so used to the pain.

And as she headed to bed, “How many weeks until my swim lessons start?”

Cowden’s Syndrome, you SOB.  You may have me exhausted, but you picked a worthy adversary in my girl.  She will not go quietly.  She WILL win.

“Beatingcowdens” Not just a blog title, but a way of life.

Candy Land 2013
Candy Land 2013

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